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Boaters Worry Less Enjoy Water More With ShoreStation®


As popularity increases for protecting boats by lifting them out of the water, the needed lifting systems have also evolved. While many innovations have been developed, such as manually operated winch and cable drives, 110V electric motor drives, pneumatic floatation and underwater hydraulics, they all come with limitations. ShoreStation's FlexPower® Hydraulic lifts are leading the charge in the marine industry with their state-of-the-art, above-water DC hydraulic systems that take the work out of getting a boat on and off the water.

The simplicity of hydraulics over traditional systems enables just one cylinder to replace all winches, gears and wound cables. The direct lift action of a hydraulic cylinder is inherently more reliable than wound cable designs and even faster than electric power winches.

Speed is more than convenience. Landing a boat on a lift in wind and waves can be hazardous. ShoreStation's quickly rising platform captures the vessel in the shortest time possible, ensuring stress-free and secure boat landing. With FlexPower Hydraulic Lifts so much safer and easier to use, boaters can spend more time on the water and take their vessels out more often.

However, many hydraulic systems employ underwater cylinders. These depend on a highly polished rod and a leak-proof seal to operate properly. Both are susceptible to corrosion and damage from debris or marine life. That's why ShoreStation designed its hydraulic lifts with cylinders placed above the water. Built to pull rather than push, the cylinder rod is retracted, instead of extended, when the platform is raised so that it is protected from the elements. In addition, the hydraulic system is designed to stall before lifting loads that will damage the structure.

DC battery power is the brawn behind ShoreStation's FlexPower lifts, purposely chosen for its safety and superior performance over AC in marine environments. Corrosion in an AC circuit increases amp draw, resulting in aggravating circuit breakers. The battery delivers maximum and constant power to the motor for fast lift times, eliminating low AC voltage issues and ensuring years of trouble-free operation. Powered by marine deep-cycle batteries, the system's charge can be maintained by a 20W solar panel or 110V Battery Tender.

Incredibly convenient, ShoreStation FlexPower Lifts come with wireless remote controls, an industry-best 15-year cable warranty and a variety of accessories to make launching and docking a boat simple. These include bow and motor stops, spring loaded centering devices, and specialized tritoon support/load guide combinations. Maintenance-free, UltraBunks are an aluminum/poly alternative to traditional wood bunk.

ShoreStation hydraulic lifts offer distinct advantages over other boat landing methods. All help owners worry less about the details, so they can spend more of their weekend relaxing and enjoying the water with friends and family.